Your nest is an extension and reflection of you.Your home, or your “nest,” is an extension of you. It stores not only your stuff, but your vibration too. You can upgrade your home’s vibration and elevate your own, with a few simple maintenance tips:

1. Keep your space clean. Nothing attracts and holds negative energy faster and better than filth and clutter. I have great experience with an easy way to keep up with daily maintenance that is much better than sporadic cleaning that interferes with your free time. I highly recommend this easy practice: commit to a 15-minute cleanup every day. Put on your favorite tunes, LOUD if you can, and give your all to flash-cleaning some area of your home. You will be amazed at how much you can do in just 15 minutes! Fold laundry, pick up anything on the floor, dust a room, clean the toilet, sink and tub… you get the idea. If you do this every day, the dust bunnies won’t have a chance to multiply :-)

2. Keep your space free of clutter. Donate or sell anything you don’t use regularly or that doesn’t bring you joy. If you have the option of renting or borrowing something for once-yearly use, take that option rather than owning that item. Remember that you have to keep working really hard to make money to store all of your stuff, so in effect you keep paying for your stuff long after the initial purchase price! Once you’ve pared down to the most cherished essentials and a few sweet luxuries, make sure that everything has a place to live that is attractive to you, as well as practical.

3. Open your windows to let fresh air circulate out any stagnant energy.

4. Open your shades to let the light in!

5. Have a few houseplants in your home to help you keep your air pure. Make sure you take care of your plants, though!

6. Arrange your furniture for optimal energy flow. If you have to maneuver around stuff, or whack your thigh every time you round that awkward corner around your dining table, MOVE IT so that your physical movement is free and easy – this will free up energy flow too!

Create a safe, loving, comfortable haven.7. Fill your home NOT with stuff, but with high-vibrating decorative elements: colors, scents, sounds and textures that please you. If you FEEL GOOD when you look at it, smell it, hear it or touch it, it has a high vibration.

8. Fill your home with happy people. Let the positive vibe of friends and family linger in your home. Pictures of happy people carry their vibration for the times when no one is visiting.

9. If something unhappy happens in your home, take the time to bless your home with love afterward. Music, scented candles, prayer, meditation, smudging, crystals, etc. will help move out any collected negative energy.

Your home should be a haven – a comfortable, safe place you feel good in. Listen to your intuition about choosing items, colors and decorative elements, and keep your home clean and clutter free to elevate your home’s vibration!