An abundance mentality is in your mind and heart.An abundance mentality is simply, believing that you are worthy of an abundant life, and believing that abundance is available to you (as it is to everyone).

Ironically, the abundance mentality isn’t all that abundant! Most of us go through life believing in limitations, competition and scarcity. We look at life in terms of what is lacking (or rather, what we believe is lacking).

People with a scarcity mentality see everything in terms of win-lose.  This thinking hinges on the notion that there is only so much; hence if someone else has what they wish to have, it means there will be less for them.” – Steven Covey

It’s easy to tell that to someone who has grown up in affluence but it’s harder to tell that to someone who has endured poverty. Allow me to challenge the notion that poverty is something inflicted on you by others.

Abundance is not a bank balance or material wealth. You can be extremely rich in material wealth yet be absolutely impoverished spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and/or intellectually. Being rich is a mindset. If money was equivalent to riches, there wouldn’t be so many dysfunctional millionaires! Many people living in less-than-ideal conditions are content, with rich social lives, fulfilling work, spiritual connection, healthy bodies and close family ties.

If a poverty-mentality person wins the lottery, that person will be destitute again very soon. If an abundance-mentality person loses everything, they will quickly bounce back and regain their riches. Both are simply convinced that the new situation is different from what it’s supposed to be, and it will bounce back again to the status quo.

Abundance is all in your heart and mind. Change the quality of your vibration through changing your feelings (heart) and thoughts (mind) and you will change the quality of life experiences you attract.

If you doubt that words and thoughts have a vibration, try this: think about the word “poverty.” Let your mind come up with images of what poverty means to you. Allow feelings to surface. Notice your mental, emotional and physical state as you think about ”poverty.” You may feel tense; constriction around the heart; a rapid heartbeat; and anxiety. The more you think about not having enough, the more you intensify that vibration. What a terrible feeling! That’s the vibe other people pick up on!

Now take several deep cleansing breaths, inhaling abundance and exhaling poverty. Turn your thoughts to the word “abundance.” Bring up any mental images and thoughts revolving around abundance. Allow feelings to surface. Take note of how you feel. Do you feel good? Do you feel a bit anxious because of your old emotional associations with abundance (or lack thereof)? When you get used to embodying abundance, you’ll feel GREAT!

Even if you were raised in poverty, you don’t  have to be bound by it as an adult. Whatever you hold in your mind as your dominant thoughts – your dominant vibration – will inevitably be mirrored in your life. If you continue to believe that poverty and struggle are your lot in life, that is what you will vibrate, and that is what you will experience.

If you’re not used to having an abundance mindset, now you’re aware of how it affects you and that’s a great start to retraining yourself to think only in terms of abundance, love and happiness, and simply refusing to allow poverty to be part of your vibration:

Learn to expect abundance.1. Change your expectations. You become what you expect. If you expect little, you will receive little. By ‘expect’ I mean believe that you can and will receive. As you change the way you see the past, your perception of the future will change too:

  • Expect your needs to be met: You are worthy of food, shelter, clothing and enjoyment, right? So don’t think of money as something you’re not worthy of. It’s just a tool to get what you ARE worthy of!

  • Expect answers to every problem: Open your eyes, mind and heart to guidance from unexpected sources.

  • Raise your vibration by training yourself to consistently think in terms of abundance.

2. Choose your response and be grateful. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. You can control some things, but not others. You can always control how you see things and how you respond. When you feel anxiety about not having enough, choose to be grateful for what you do have. When panic about not making it threatens to overcome you, focus your attention on doing your best – being in the moment, giving your work your full attention.

3. Stop worrying. Worrying does not offer solutions because you are hyper-focused on the problem. It does not allow you to spot guidance or opportunities because you can only think of the worst-case scenario. It does not allow you to consider that there are alternative ways of doing things. It takes practice, but you can train yourself to think predominantly high-vibrating positive thoughts that attract what you desire.

Be of service.4. Drop the concept of competition (the “If I win, you must lose but if you win, I must lose” mentality). Healthy competition like sports is a win/lose situation but it’s for fun – and it has no place anywhere else. Humans are remarkably innovative and clever at figuring out solutions no one has ever thought of before. Raise your vibration by reveling in the success of others. Be happy for them! Learn from them, stand on their shoulders, emulate their behaviors and traits, take their achievements a step further (or a leap further) and don’t let jealousy or resentment pollute your energy.

Always think “win-win.” How can you and the other person both benefit?

6. Serve others. Share your talents in the spirit of making the world a better place, not with a “what is this going to get me” attitude. Sometimes you’re compensated for your efforts directly through payment, and other times indirectly by unexpected abundance coming to you.

For more information on how to raise your abundance vibration, check out the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit!

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