Gratitude opens your heart!Do you need a vibration boost that you can do anywhere, anytime? It takes just a few minutes and it will leave you feeling GREAT.

Gratitude is your instant vibrational pick-me-up!

There’s more to gratitude than saying “thanks.” To get the most out of the practice, follow these tips:

  • When you name a person that you are expressing gratitude for, be sure to acknowledge why you are grateful. That’s easy when people are nice to you, and it doesn’t have to be anything big: “Julia, thank you for remembering how I like my coffee” or “Hugo, I am grateful that you always listen when I need to vent.”

  • Expressing gratitude can be more challenging with people who have somehow wronged you. Dig deep – there’s always something to be thankful for Some examples:

    • Let’s say that Frank was impatient and became accusatory when things went wrong in your relationship: “Frank, I thank you for teaching me how to be patient and compassionate and to look at things from an “us” point of view when things go wrong  instead of looking at things as “me versus you.”

    • Let’s say Susanne was disrespectful to her employees – treating them like stupid underlings rather than valuable members of her team. Even here, you can find something to be grateful for – a lesson! “Susanne, I am grateful for you teaching me how NOT to treat employees and the importance of treating all people with respect.”

In cases of adversity you may have to dig deep to find the hidden blessings. When you discover them, though, you will feel such immense relief!

  • Now, move on to experiences. Good ones, memorable ones… scary, traumatic, pleasant, boring, everyday… again distill them down to the core benefits: how you have grown and matured, the lessons learned, the connections made, etc.

  • Be sure to give meaningful thanks – from the heart – not just a mumbled thank you but a heartfelt one that is LIGHT and bright with positive emotion.

Change your perspective and mood through gratitude!More than just saying thanks, this gratitude practice forces you to look deeply within yourself. It brings an awareness that would otherwise be lost. With awareness comes the ability to make change, and to see the world from a different perspective. See the world from a different perspective, and your attitude changes… and when your attitude changes your actions change, and so your results are different.

You feel good almost instantly when you say thanks. And when you dig up the hidden blessings in adversity or in interactions with unpleasant people, you feel amazing. It’s hard to feel bad when you’re feeling thankful!

Now… to really supercharge your gratitude exercise… do it while you’re smiling! Smile with your face, and smile with your heart. Yes – lift your arms to the sky and give a big THANK YOU to life! How awesome that you get to be here! Sure, life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but the difficult times make the happy times that much sweeter! Open your arms wide to embrace the entire universe, and silently or out loud, SHOUT your thanks to the universe!

Gratitude is a way to instantly raise your vibration. It opens your heart wide, to both GIVE and RECEIVE unconditional love and appreciation. No other practice does this! Have you given thanks today?