Once you get how to use the Law of Attraction, it's so simple!Learning how to use the Law of Attraction is best accomplished when you understand the science behind it. It’s actually so simple, so elegant! When you understand it, you’ll be astonished at how easy it is to use this universal law to improve your life.

If you’ve had trouble with getting the Law of Attraction Mindvalley assures you, it works just fine. In fact, it works exactly as you intended it. What??? Let me explain…

How the Law of Attraction Works

It is now known that physical matter is not solid at all. Broken down into its smallest component, it is energy. Thoughts, light and sound are waves of energy too. Even emotions are energy. These energies influence one another and attract or repel each other. Always remember, “like attracts like.” The energetic vibration of your thoughts attracts similar energetic vibrations, whether “solid” or intangible (other thoughts).

To better understand how powerful your thoughts and emotions are, imagine the word “sad.” Pull up memories that represent “sad” to you. Your whole demeanor changes! You begin feeling lethargic, perhaps weepy… do you see how the energy of one word has the power to change something within you? If you were to hang on to the word “sad” for a while you’d come up with many memories of sadness from your past. You would sink into a real funk! By thinking “sad,” you attracted more “sad” vibrations. If you were to keep thinking “sad,” you would feed that energy and attract sad people, unhappy situations, etc.

Now, think about the word “happy.” Pull up memories of being happy. Notice an immediate improvement in your mood. Happiness energizes you. It makes you feel alive, enthusiastic, vibrant, optimistic… grow that feeling by giving it more energy! ‘Be’ with happiness for a few moments before you continue reading.

Similar energies attract each other.Using the Law of Attraction

When you want something, you are setting an intention made up of two components with an energetic value: the content: “this is what I want” and the energy that creates action.

Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.”

Let’s say your intention was to submit your resume for a job you want. The company only accepts email resumes. You create a killer resume and an engaging cover letter. And then, just as you’re about to hit SEND, <poof> the power goes out. No electricity. No internet. No email. Aaaaaaahhhh!! Without the energy required to send the email, its magnificent contents are useless!!

Anytime you manifest something, there was a movement of energy. What causes things to move? Energy. Whether that energy is electricity, horsepower, water, sound, gasoline, physical labor or any other energy, there has to be some force that causes things to move from being ideas to becoming manifest in your physical world.

The content of your intention is important, but your emotions are the energy that “makes things move.”

When little kids ask for something, they use their whole being to ask – urgently gripping your pants leg, jumping up and down, faces lit up with eager anticipation… they implore you with their words but even so with the energy of their desire.

How do you know if your intentions have enough energy to “make things move”? Notice your feelings. How do you feel about your desire? Are you super excited or are you visualizing your intentions with as much emotion as making a routine ATM withdrawal?

How to activate a strong positive emotional vibration:

1. Feel the goodness. Raise your vibration by appreciating your life. Anytime you find yourself thinking about how great things would be “if only…” STOP IT. Cancel that thought. Be happy NOW with what you have. You won’t be happy when you have what you want, because there will always be something else you want and you’ll be in a constant cycle of wishing for something better. Be. Happy. Now.

Use your imagination and emotion!2. Attract your desire NOW. Little kids don’t want an ice-cream cone tomorrow, they want it now. They don’t want you to read them a story next week, they want you to read it now. They don’t want a cuddle later when you feel like it, they want it now. Your idea – your intention – exists in your mind now. You are feeling it now. Bridge the gap between where you are now and what you want by being happy with what you have now, and invite more goodness to enter your moment. Instead of wondering how you’re going to get “there” where your dream lies – concentrate on feeling so awesomely little-kid-with-a-puppy good here, now, and attract your dream into your ‘space’!

3. Play! Kids put everything into their play. There’s little or no distinction between imagination and  “reality” – if you have ever tried to talk a child into believing that there are no monsters under the bed, you know what I mean. Anytime you worry, those worries are just as real to you as real as physical reality – otherwise, you wouldn’t give them so much weight! Take the attitude of playful creativity. Have FUN manifesting! Take the pressure off! After all, you’re just inviting more sweetness into your life experience.

4. Pretend. Increase manifesting emotional energy with visual reminders (vision boards, etc.). Create an atmosphere of total immersion in your desire. Every day as you go to sleep, give thanks and fire up your imagination, where your dreams are real. Immerse yourself in it wholeheartedly. Pretend it’s already in your physical experience.

5. Believe. This is the hardest part, because we’re so conditioned to believe in limitations. Stop that thinking! Everything in the universe started from nothing, as an idea. That idea was infused with energy, and the process of creation began – planets, pencils, poison, paintings, peanuts, pigs and peonies… started as a concept that had to take shape in the physical world. Don’t worry about how. What you want is already in your mind. Imagine IT moving toward you, not you moving toward it – and feel the goodness. The way will come to you.