Law of Attraction exercises will teach you how to manifest anything!

Learning how to use the Law of Attraction for your benefit takes practice. The following Law of Attraction exercises will help!

First, some bad news: it’s so simple to use the Law of Attraction that many people dismiss it as being too simple (mistakenly assuming it can’t work because it’s so easy).

The good news is, many of the most delightful things in life are simple. Using the Law of Attraction is a matter of deciding what you want; visualizing and feeling what you want; raising your vibration by being happy; and allowing it to work! Simple, and fun!

Law of Attraction Exercises

1. Make a list of what you want. Make two lists. Three. Four. Make twenty lists. Make a vision board. Create constant reminders of what you want, all the time, everywhere. In your wallet; at work; in your car; in your journal; by your bed; at your desk… This serves two purposes:

  • Every time you write what you want, you’re putting that energy out to the universe
  • Every time you look at what you wrote, you further embed that idea into your subconscious until it’s comfortably nestled there, and you will stop feeling resistance to having what you desire (thoughts like “I’m not worthy, that will never happen for me, it’s just wishful thinking…”). When you stop resisting, you start allowing, and then what you want will come to you.

2. Use “I am” and “I have” statements frequently when you think about what you want. Not “I want to have” or “I want to be” – because ‘wanting’ means you’re focused on ‘not having’, and you’ll just manifest more ‘not having.’

Start and end the day with gratitude.Always think about what you want to do or have as if you already have it. “I am a successful…”; “I have…”; “I am enjoying the experience of…” If it exists in your imagination, there is no reason why it cannot be brought into the physical realm. Think about the inventions that people have dreamed up throughout history; inventions once thought to be crazy and impossible. Everything starts as an idea in the imagination – so let your imagination go wild with what you want!

3. Start and end the day by giving thanks. Give thanks for the good things in life; give thanks for the ‘bad’ things in life (look for the hidden blessings and lessons in the ‘bad’ things and they will stop being as bad as you remember them). Give thanks for what you are manifesting, as though you already have it in your hand. Gratitude raises your vibration significantly. Since your mind doesn’t know the difference between what is imagined and what is ‘real’, it will spring into action to make sure your inner reality and your outer reality match perfectly. You’ll start to notice people, resources and situations that will help you manifest everything you want. You’ll feel an urge to act on your inspirations. And, you’ll relax and enjoy, knowing that what you want is coming to you.

4. Create a playlist on your MP3 player of your favorite upbeat songs; every day, listen to one or more of these songs and at the same time, visualize having what you desire – and feel good about it.  Whenever you hear these songs randomly during the day, you’ll instantly be reminded of your desires… a way to keep your desires at the forefront of your mind every day!

Look beyond physical reality into energetic reality.5. Be happy with what you have. Happiness (a high vibration) doesn’t depend on what you want to manifest. Avoid thinking you’re “going to be happy when (you have something)…” No, you won’t! Some other shiny object will clamor for your desire, promising that you will be happy only when you have IT. Take good care of the things you have (including yourself and your relationships); show the universe that you are happy with what you have by you are lavishing love on it. That will attract more things to love! To further raise your vibration (more happiness!) turn to the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit!

6. Believe… that it’s good for you to have what you desire… that you are worthy of it… that it will enrich your life. This may take some work. Hint: take money out of the equation. Many people trip themselves up because they don’t believe they are worthy of having money. However… look beyond the money. Money doesn’t necessarily have to change hands. Money is only one means of exchange.  Always give your best and believe that you are worthy of receiving the best, too. Use positive affirmations:

  • I am a great person and I deserve a healthy, happy relationship!

  • I am a successful (whatever) and my work enriches people’s lives!

  • I love sharing my talents! (This affirmation is for anyone who doubts their talents and their abilities to make a fabulous living doing what they love).

Think positively!7. Expect. Learn to look beyond the “obvious” because that is only ONE reality. For example, if you want a life that is financially secure yet your bank account clearly states that you are broke… choose to believe in the alternate (more pleasing) reality that exists in your imagination. Your exercise is to imagine, with heightened positive emotions. The more emotional energy you put into your visualization, the more your brain will associate that image with feeling good. Anytime you feel good, your vibration goes through the roof… so it’s just a matter of feeling good about what you want! And then, allow things to unfold to help you manifest what you want. It really is that easy.

8. Think positively and creatively instead of negatively and reactively. Whenever you hear someone complain about something they don’t want, ask them, “What do you want?” For example, if someone complains about the government, ask them what they would do better (people love to complain, yet have no constructive ideas of their own!). Do the same for your own complaints and negative self-talk. When you say, “I can’t,” ask yourself “What can I do? What is one small step I can take?”