You know how great it feels to be in a room and somebody walks in and uplifts everyone there. Do you want to be that person?

Most of us want to. But, it’s not always easy.

Everyone goes through rough times in life – loneliness, struggle, overwhelm, guilt, resentment and pain. We know it’s important to practice love and kindness, but how can we do that when we’re going through our own hard times? During our own struggles, it’s all too easy to focus on ourselves and stop being polite and compassionate. When we feel like we’re being taken advantage of or being taken for granted, we might wonder why bother giving and helping, when it’s not appreciated?

Emotional states, no matter what they are, are contagious. If you are around depressed or angry people, their emotions will rub off on you. The same is true for positive emotions.

Like ripples in a pond, our emotions radiate outward and affect those around us. So the trick is to manage your emotions so that you don’t send out the kind of energy that brings people down.

Be the ray of sunshine that uplifts everyone around you!Rule #1: when you uplift others, you uplift yourself.

So no matter how bad you feel, can you do just one kind thing for someone? Sure, you can. Here are 10 easy ways to be a ray of sunshine in somebody’s day, because it could be just that one small act of kindness that turns their day around!

1. Compliment a stranger on their looks

2. Pay the toll for the person behind you

3. Help a neighbor out by walking their dog (pets are great mood-boosters!)

4. Smile, even if you don’t feel like it

5. Refrain from saying something hurtful or negative

6. Ask for help (people love to help)

7. Say thank you and really mean it

8. Offer constructive criticism

9. Encourage

10. Ask for advice

Rule #2: When you radiate love, love comes back to you.

Spend a few minutes every day in silent contemplation of love. Start by naming (or visualizing) ALL of the people in your life right now, and offer them unconditional love. This is especially powerful if you send love to anyone who has hurt you in some way. Then, if you’re on a roll (and believe me, this feels so good that you may not want to stop!) think about people from your past – friends who are no longer in your life, deceased family members, the random encounters with strangers that left an impression, etc. – and send them love too. Love knows no boundaries of time and space, and this is a wonderful way to help heal any emotional wounds from the past.

When you’ve mentally sent love to everyone, relax. Bask in the feeling. There is no better feeling!

Smile! It's a powerful mood lifter for everyone!

Rule #3: Keep your personal power.

Don’t allow others to pollute your mood. If everyone around you is complaining and moaning about a situation, you could easily get dragged down into that low vibration. But you don’t have to! You can consciously remain the ray of sunshine, and do your best to uplift them!

Always be aware when you encounter someone who is struggling with negativity, that you have a choice: either you let them bring you down, or you uplift them. They may not want to be uplifted – many people who are in the grips of negativity are so used to it that they actually “like” it on some level – but in trying to uplift them, at least you won’t be dragged down.

Rule #4: Smile!

Nothing opens doors and hearts faster than a genuine smile. Whenever you have an interaction with others, smile! In tough situations that don’t call for humor, you can still smile – not a big friendly smile, necessarily, but a warm, gentle, “it’s going to be okay” reassuring kind of smile.

The more you practice being the one who uplifts others, the easier it will become, even during your own difficulties – and you’ll find, too, that your own mood will remain sunnier when you’re struggling!