We focus on what we fear...

An affirmation is a declaration of something you believe to be true, or would like to become true. When you say an affirmation, you are declaring the truth of an idea that you are wanting to manifest in your life. It is real to you in your imagination, and by repetition, it will become real in your subconscious mind, and then it will drive your actions until it becomes real in your life.

But did you know that  affirmations of your beliefs are everywhere all around you? These can be both positive or negative. For example, if you think, “I am stupid” then your mind will focus in on “proof” that you are stupid. Every time you make a mistake or misspeak… every time someone criticizes you or corrects you… every unwanted consequence… serves as “proof” that you are stupid. But if you believe that you are creative, you’ll be constantly reminded of your creativity. People tend to focus on what they fear – but you can train yourself to focus on what’s good, too…

To make positive changes in your life, start actively looking for positive affirmations around you that are in alignment with the ideals you want to embody and experience. You will find that the more you look for proof that your dreams can become real, the more you will build energy and momentum behind them, and soon they will in fact come true.

Here are some things to look for that affirm your awesomeness and potential:

1. People complimenting you. When someone compliments you, they see something noteworthy in you that you may not see in yourself, or something you are denying in yourself. When someone compliments you for something you take for granted, such as a talent, it drives home the point that your talents are important and should be shared. Make it a practice to be truly grateful for the compliments you receive, instead of casually brushing them off as “oh, that’s nothing.” To the person paying you a compliment, it IS something, and it’s enough to warrant expression of appreciation. Just allow yourself to receive compliments!

2. People saying yes when you ask. You may have noticed that during a time when your vibration is low, you hear “no” a lot. You find yourself rejected in all sorts of ways – no fun and it feels terrible. That’s why, when you act in high-vibrating ways such as being extra kind to a customer service rep, or helpful to a neighbor, you’ll find that you start hearing more “yeses.”

Train yourself to see goodness and abundance!3. You notice relevant information in your environment. We see what we want to see. When you’re focused on struggle and lack, that’s what you’re going to see. So here’s a novel idea: train yourself to see what you want. For example, learn to see abundance, before you even believe that it’s possible for you. See it, acknowledge it and appreciate it simply for the fact that it exists. Don’t judge it. In other words, notice the wealthy person driving an expensive car, and just appreciate the existence of abundance without judging the person driving the car or giving a moment’s notice to your current financial situation. This takes some practice! Your mind will want to say things like, “See, other people can have abundance but you can’t!” You can shut that down by noticing abundance that you currently have: air to breathe, energy, imagination and joy… and the more you deliberately focus on abundance in a non-attached way, the more your mind will come to realize that this is normal, expected and a part of your life.

4. Notice when you do something right! This is something many of us neglect to appreciate because we’re so focused on what we do wrong and the mistakes we make. When you do something right, congratulate yourself! Reinforce the positive and your mind will start to look for it!

5. Finally, look for positive patterns. We can get too focused on negative patterns (like attracting a certain type of bad relationship, for example) but there are positive patterns too, and it’s good to identify them as validation that you are doing something right! What goes right on a regular basis?

“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives…” ~ Lemony Snicket

See what you want and make it part of your life.

You can train yourself to see what you want long before your mind accepts it as possibility for you. These external affirmations will definitely make an impact on your mind – especially, as you meditate on them later.

Here’s a powerful exercise to do in meditation:  when you notice an affirmation of your potential, an affirmation of your dreams, affirmation of abundance, etc., spend some time being grateful for it. Keep in mind that the mind always focuses on what it deems important to you – so if you notice a positive affirmation, it’s because on some level, you DO believe in yourself. On some level, you innately know you CAN achieve what you want. By being grateful for this affirmation, you give your mind the signal that yes, this idea of yours is really important and needs to be brought into your physical reality.

Noticing positive affirmations will help you move through fear, increase your self-esteem, give you the energy and impetus you need to achieve your dreams, stay motivated and persevere.

So train yourself to see what can be, instead of what can’t be. You can go out every day setting an intention that you want to see something positive.

When you make a commitment to following your dream – with every fiber of your being – the universe will support you by alerting you to the “proof” and all resources you need. So kick-start your commitment by choosing to see affirmations all around you. This shift in focus will help you see more and more of the opportunities, insights, clues and guidance you will need!