Meeting your spirit guides is a part of personal growth that you don’t want to miss out on. We get so much advice from people in our lives about how to solve our problems, but everyone is in some way limited by their own perspectives. Spirit guides don’t operate under such limitations. The counsel and spiritual gifts you receive from your spirit guides is exactly what is right… for you. No limitations, no judgments, just what is right for you. So how do you contact your spirit guides? Through a spirit guides meditation!

You can access your spirit guides using the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit (that’s the easy way). You can also try the following self-guided technique:

Spirit guides meditation is a way to access your inner wisdom!1. Take a few deep breaths and exhale out any tension or heightened emotions. Then, breathe normally and focus on your breath. If your mind wanders, gently refocus on your breath. This brings you into the present moment. Turn your attention to your third eye, or the space just above and between your eyebrows. This is the gateway to higher consciousness.

2. The next step is to become very receptive to any information you will receive. One way to do this is to scan your body and feel any areas of tension, resistance, darkness or fatigue. These are low-vibrating energies that may prevent you from clearly communicating with your spirit guides, or from receiving the guidance or energy you need. Visualize a bright, white light of pure love entering your body and slowly filling each of your cells with its loving light. When you come across an area of resistance, keep the light there for some time. Imagine the light ‘sitting’ in the cell, like a tiny campfire, warming the cell and healing it. Feel free to spend as much time at this as you feel is needed. When you’ve done this, your body’s energy will be much clearer and higher and you’ll be more open to what the guides have to give you.

3. Raise your vibration even more. You see, your spirit guides are at a much higher vibration than you. To communicate with them, your frequency has to match theirs. Otherwise, it’s like trying to hear a dog whistle (way outside the human range of hearing) – even on an energetic level, you can only perceive what you’re attuned to! Think about the love, joy and peace they are vibrating and allow that energy to permeate you completely. Bask in it, it feels great!

4. Visualize a place where you feel happy and safe. Imagine yourself sitting there comfortably. You can silently call to your spirit guides and invite them to join you. Now – if you’ve done this before, you know that you may not always be in contact with the same guides. You will be introduced to the guide that can be most helpful to you at the moment. Don’t be surprised if these guides are exactly the opposite of what you expected! Just allow the guide(s) to appear.

Visualize your guides...You may ‘see’ your guides; you may perceive them as shadows or light; you may only hear them but not see them, or even feel them as energy. However your inner senses perceive them, allow it. If you can’t ‘see’ them but you know they have joined you, don’t worry. You are obviously aware of their presence, and in the world of energy, looks don’t matter anyway! Sometimes, you just ‘know’ they are there without any clues interpreted by your physical senses.

5. The rest of this meeting might feel like it’s all made up in your head. That’s okay! At first it feels weird, kind of like having an imaginary friend. But if you can suspend your judgment and freely allow yourself to converse with your guides, you may be startled at the information you receive. Greet your guide(s) and ask them their name(s). Ask them a few questions, and be sure to remain open and accepting of whatever answers come. You may or may not anticipate the answers and you may or may not like them!

Sample questions:

  • Is this a healthy relationship for me?

  • What do I need to release?

  • What is the source of this struggle?

  • How can I achieve my dreams?

  • What positive changes can I make right now?

  • Do you have any advice for me right now?

Ask the questions, and be open to answers.Of course you can ask anything that is relevant to you. You might be curious as to your relationship with your guides – ask! It’s okay for you to establish a relationship with them before you ask them to help with anything going on in your life!

But don’t feel like you have to talk all the time and ask questions! Lots of information is being passed along nonverbally. You might have a sudden flash of insight about something you weren’t even going to ask about. The key, though, is being totally open to whatever information comes your way. If you’re closed off to it, you won’t hear it – and you’ll keep on perpetuating the same unwanted conditions in your life.

You can also just “hang out” with your guides and feel their loving companionship, with no agenda. Sometimes, just being in the conscious and aware presence of universal consciousness is exactly the right thing.

Thank your guides for their loving support when you are ready to end the meditation.

Your guides are there to help you in any way they can and more importantly, in any way that you allow. So the more open and allowing you can be, the more help you will receive. Your spirit guides are loving and compassionate. They do not judge, so feel free to ask anything, no matter how troubling.

If you can, write about the experience in your journal. Do this right away while the experience is still fresh in your mind. Over time, you’ll see that you are being guided in the right direction, and you’ll trust your guides – your inner wisdom – even more.