At its most basic level, everything is made of energy. This includes people, objects, plants, thoughts, light, colors, rocks, space… everything is created from this intelligent, conscious energy.

Where Do You Begin and End?

spiritual awakening The question is, where do “you” begin and end? Where does anything around you begin and end? Energy has no boundaries. What we perceive with our senses are concentrations of energy with unique vibrational patterns. This is what makes objects appear solid and separate from one another. This is what makes us feel separate from the rest of creation.

Spiritual awakening transcends the “obvious” concept of separateness. When you awaken spiritually you embrace the true nature of everything, which is unity or one-ness. Spiritual awakening isn’t necessarily a religious experience where one ‘finds God’. It can also be seen as a realization of one’s energetic (or nonphysical) quality.

How you become spiritually awakened is your journey. Here’s a simple exercise that will blow your mind and help you understand the true nature of everything. It’s called “Shrinking and Growing.”

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Shrinking and Growing

Imagine yourself sitting at a beautiful country cottage, enjoying a cup of tea on the patio. The sun is warm on your face, the birds are singing, the breeze gently caresses the leaves on the trees… Imagine a far-reaching view and an intimate close-up view. Take in every detail of this country cottage just as your mind paints it. See the individual flowers and smell their scent. See the spaces between the trees. Hear the buzz of every bee as it gathers pollen.

Now, shrink yourself to the size of a bee. Suddenly, the house is enormous! In fact everything is enormous! Rosebuds are bigger than you. The teacup is the size of a small swimming pool now! The spaces between objects are much greater. You don’t have the wings of a bee, so the distance from the front door to the street can be an epic journey.

Relative to you, everything has become huge.

Now, shrink some more. You’re now the size of a tiny dust mite and your world has completely transformed. You can’t even perceive your whole house anymore. It’s simply too big! It would take a lifetime to explore it. You are on the patio, sitting on the recliner where you were once enjoying a cup of tea (which his a large lake now). But the recliner isn’t a recliner anymore, it’s as big as a mountain! Individual upholstery fibers are as massive as trees now. You can move between them as easily as the “regular size you” moves between the trees in the garden. You can’t see much of the world beyond the recliner.

You now have the ability to move inside things that used to appear solid to you.

You shrink down to the size of an atom. Your house is completely gone now. It is too vast for you to perceive. You are so small that you are deep inside a single strand of the cotton fiber that makes up the cushion on your recliner. One fiber is your world now. You are fascinated to see that there is so much space in what used to look solid. Yet even in this seemingly tiny cotton fiber, there is space. Lots of space.

You shrink even more. You are a subatomic particle, floating freely in the vastness of space. There are other subatomic particles floating around. Between you, there’s still… space. There’s still room between you and the next particle! What is this stuff that is between you and the next particle? It’s not air (you’re way smaller than air molecules). What is this stuff? If you were to shrink beyond what modern science understands, we imagine a place, or rather a state of being, where everything is just energy. One energy. A conscious, intelligent, creative energy. You are everything and everything is you.

And then you start growing again. Soon you’re back to your normal human size. That was fun! But we’re not done. Let’s go bigger! First, you expand to the size of the trees. Your house looks like a child’s playhouse. The family cat is the size of a tiny ant.

You expand until the trees are as short as a well-groomed lawn. Your house is as small as a coin. Where’s the cat? Where are the bees? You tower above the trees and you can see far, so very far…

spiritual growth You expand and you’re the size of the Earth now. And then bigger and bigger. You hold the Earth in your hand, a beautiful blue/green gem. Where is your house? Your things? They’re there… but they’re so close together now in your perception that there is no distinction between them. As far as you can perceive, there is no space between anything. The world looks solid and unified.

You keep expanding beyond our solar system, beyond our galaxy. Billions of galaxies that once seemed very distant now cluster together like grains of rice in a bowl. What will things look like as you keep expanding? The space between things seems to disappear yet you know it’s all still there… all because of this change in your perception.

When you can fully grasp the enormity of this concept, you will experience a spiritual awakening. Our intellect can’t comprehend this fully because it needs limits. At “some point” you will stop getting smaller or bigger, according to the logical mind. Except that, you won’t. That’s the nature of infinity.

The best way to experience spiritual awakening is to allow it. Use your imagination and go way beyond what you believe is possible. Try “Shrinking and Growing” today and feel the one-ness of creation. Awaken to your unity.

The Spiritual Toolkit helps you understand the energetic quality of everything and how you can use the energy of your thoughts to create the life you desire. If you can imagine what you want as well as you imagined “Shrinking and Growing”, you can imagine – and create – the life of your dreams!

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