We exercise our bodies to look good and feel healthy; we exercise our minds to keep them sharp; but what about your soul? Doesn’t it make sense to incorporate spiritual exercises into your mind/body/spirit for a holistic sense of well being?

What are Spiritual Exercises?

Spiritual exercises are done with the intent of realizing our true nature.Spiritual exercises can include meditation, prayer, rituals that are meaningful to you, various types of energy work and essentially any practice that YOU feel is spiritual in nature, where you are letting your heart do the talking. Spiritual exercises are done with the intent of knowing your Higher Self, God or the Universal Consciousness better and developing the sense of one-ness and unity that is your true nature.

They are not necessarily religious in nature, but encompass all points of view including the purely scientific “everything is energy” perspective. They work for anyone!

There is really no wrong or right way to do spiritual exercises. The only ‘wrong’ thing to do is not do them.

How to Do Spiritual Exercises

1. Set your intention. You are about to let go of your logical and rational way of thinking and enter the realm of the spirit, or energy, where time and space have no meaning – so set your intention to fully experience what happens without judgment or reservations.

2. Sit comfortably upright and close your eyes. If your spine is unsupported, you will find it easier in to stay present and aware – it’s easy to doze off while meditating, so don’t get too comfy on the sofa!

Feel the light and love permeating every cell in your body.3. Feel the light of Source (God, or whatever name you wish to use) filling your crown chakra at the top of your head and making its way down through your body, filling every cell with radiant light and love. Feel the light filling each dark space within you. You can imagine a teeny little light bulb in each cell, being lit up one by one until you are radiating the Source light and love from your entire being. Allow this light to radiate outward, filling your environment as far as you can see, with your love and light.

4. Begin a gratitude exercise. Give thanks, with every fiber of your being, for your whole life – the pleasures, struggles, triumphs, heartbreaks, everything. Do this stream-of-consciousness. Whatever comes into your awareness, give thanks for it and bless it. As you do this, you become even more light-filled.

5. Next, practice sending out love. Again, stream-of-consciousness, start naming the people in your life and send them love. Do not ignore the people who have caused you pain, or that annoy and anger you. In fact, focus love on them. You are raising not only your own vibration by doing this, but theirs as well! You don’t have to condone anything they have said or done, but by giving them love – of which there is an infinite supply – you are freeing yourself from the energetic burden of negative feelings. This can take quite a long time, but don’t stop with just a few names. Exhaust your mental phone directory! The more people you can touch with your love, the more you make this world a better place!

Practice gratitude and sending out love.Allow yourself to keep giving thanks and sending love for as long as you want. You will come into a state of consciousness that is indescribably beautiful, happy and loving.

What happens next is entirely up to you. You can contact your spiritual guides and angels, communicate with your Higher Self, or just bask in the light and love.

The hardest part of this is the ‘allowing’ because we are so used to doing, doing and more doing that simply sitting still and ‘doing nothing’ is conditioned to be a waste of time. Nothing can be further from the truth! If you don’t raise your vibration, your life circumstances will not change no matter the physical effort you put into making change. You’ll simply continue attracting the same circumstances in a different disguise.

Another Exercise: Quit Rushing! Relax! Take a Slow Day!

Another spiritual exercise can be done when you’re going about your daily business. You know that when you’re rushing around trying to get everything done, you are mostly reacting, not consciously creating. Deliberately slowing down and being fully present makes you stop rushing around and gives you the inner peace and calmness necessary to choose your own direction. Otherwise, you will continue to be swept along in the current of your thoughts and feelings, always reacting and hardly ever having the chance to consciously create.

Take a Slow Day. Stop rushing and start creating.Oooooh, it’s hard to slow down, but make yourself do it. Give yourself a Slow Day every now and again (start on a weekend, so you don’t add to your stress by being slow at work). Do everything at half the speed you normally do, but really put yourself into it. It doesn’t matter if you’re washing the car or grocery shopping. Get off the treadmill! Focus on what you are doing; fully experience the sounds and other sensory experiences. If you have a lead foot, commit to driving at the speed limit – especially if you are late for something. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel when you arrive! Remember, there is no rushing in the universe. Only humans rush about like crazy. Trees grow, and they do not hurry. Animals find ways to survive, and they do not hurry. Water flows, but it does not hurry, it just takes the path of least resistance…

Spiritual exercises, no matter the form they take, allow you to experience your real nature. Since there is no ‘time’ or ‘space’ in the realm of the nonphysical, what’s the rush? What’s the big emergency? Relax. Just BE. It’s the most transformational ‘inaction’ that you can do. Melt into energy/consciousness/God; you’ll come back from spiritual exercises with a better attitude, more compassion, less stress and more inner peace.

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