Spiritual growth tunes you in to your true nature.Spiritual growth is the process of allowing your authentic self to shine, clarifying and living your purpose, and creating an awareness of your true nature.

You are like a drop of water in an infinite, endless ocean of consciousness (energy). That little droplet is inseparable from the ocean, because the ocean has no surface, no bottom, no beginning, no end… therefore you ARE the ocean! That is your true nature!

But people feel separate from each other, which means we feel like we are outside of the ocean of consciousness.

This separation leads to feelings of anger, suspicion, hatred, fear, misunderstanding, jealousy, inferiority, superiority and insecurity. But that is not the nature of universal consciousness! Universal consciousness – the intelligent energy of light and love – is not the energy of separation and hurt!

Spiritual growth is the process of realizing oneness with all there is. HOW you go about your spiritual growth is a highly personal journey. What’s right for one person may be completely wrong for you – so honor your intuition, honor your inner guidance, and don’t allow yourself to be told that “THIS” is the only way to spiritual enlightenment. Follow your heart, not the voices of others! A spiritual journey can be religious, or even scientific – understanding the universe in scientific terms can lead to a spiritual awakening!

Many people start on a spiritual journey as a result of a personal crisis; or after a period of feeling lost, lonely, unfulfilled and unsatisfied, looking for “something” that they may or may not be able to express…

The beauty of spiritual growth is that once you’re on the path, you feel energized, awakened and every day, you’ll feel more inspired, harmonious, compassionate, abundant, calm and peaceful.

It’s not a linear process, though. You may experience doubt, confusion and anxiety, and that’s okay! One day, you may have an epiphany and on another day, be completely lost. It’s best to relax into the process with no expectations. This will help you get through the ‘darker’ periods of spiritual growth.

What will happen when you start developing your spiritual side? Increased inner peace, happiness, harmony, compassion, one-ness, feelings of abundance and a lack of fear or stress. You feel an increased desire to connect with people. You become less judgmental and critical, and much more empathetic, and you will find that your personal relationships improve.

Suggested steps for undergoing spiritual growth:

1. Meditation. Meditation, prayer or contemplation is an important part of any spiritual tradition. It is the time to turn your focus inward while simultaneously expanding your consciousness beyond a sense of ‘self’ that encompasses everyone and everything. Meditation is a time to ask, and to receive answers and to connect with your higher self, spiritual guides and angels. The Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit will help you become comfortable ‘meeting’ and communicating with your higher self, and trusting the guidance you receive.

Spiritual growth is about exploring the inner world.2. Self-awareness. You can use meditation to become self-aware, but on a daily basis, the way you think, speak and act is important to recognize. Your sense of self is often defined by how other people treat you – yet this is not the real you! The real you – the soul, or higher self – can never be ugly, unlovable, stupid, unwanted, etc. Those are labels that you attach to yourself but they are not the real you. When you’re aware of how you think and speak about yourself, you will be amazed at how your thoughts and language center on separateness instead of oneness.

3. Become non-attached. Don’t mistake non-attachment for not caring and not loving. You can love unconditionally, and care deeply, without the neediness that comes with being attached to something. Attachment causes suffering because you fear loss. You can be attached to people, things, situations, even emotions – and letting go is scary! But remember, while nothing physical is permanent, consciousness is. Imagine loving something without “owning” it. Imagine a never-ending bond between you and someone you love, whether you are in physical proximity of each other or not.

4. Accept change. Everything is changing constantly. Nothing will ever be as it was a moment ago. Don’t assume that change is bad. Things change, and how you perceive them determines whether you see them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. You have immense creative power to create your life circumstances through your intentions, so you can change things according to your desires. This is an ongoing process of awakening and becoming comfortable with your creative power. Set your intentions on seeing good; feeling good; experiencing good; and more good will manifest in your life.

5. Be curious and see the world from multiple perspectives. Look at the world with the curious eyes of a child – who does not judge or criticize, but who sees the good and the wonder in everything. Delight in your creations and in the creations of others. See the blessings in every difficulty and the joys in every sorrow. See “what is” from other points of view that will open your mind.

6. Be present-focused; be here, now, instead of allowing life to pass you by while your thoughts are stuck in the past or wandering in the future. NOW is when you create your future!

Your spiritual growth will result in:

  • Spiritual growth is the expansion of your consciousness.Knowing that you are one with everything
  • Knowing that you are the creator of your happiness or your misery (your life experience)
  • Compassion, patience, understanding, empathy, unconditional love
  • Ability to see from multiple points of view, even those that are completely opposite yours
  • Ability to choose positive emotions and rise above negative feelings that come from a sense of separateness; no desire for drama, conflict or expectation that other people will act a certain way
  • Ability to listen to and trust your inner guidance
  • Knowing that you are a spiritual being who is having a physical experience
  • Profound inner peace and happiness; lack of stress and fear
  • Ability to believe that your intentions will manifest; and allowing them to do so
  • Intense feelings of appreciation, gratitude and love

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