It is good to seek out spiritual guidance!We all need help getting through difficult times, or even just to make sense of this jumbled, messy life. We could all use some guidance in our spiritual growth. Many of us look outside ourselves for spiritual guidance: through religion, spiritual teachers, books and courses, online resources, friends… even perfect strangers who come into our lives at precisely the right moments.

First, you must be ready to seek help. You may not feel the need, or feel that it’s all pointless.

To ask for help does not mean that you’re a failure or weak. Quite the opposite. It means you recognize that you aren’t able to solve a problem on your own and are wise enough to draw upon the experiences and knowledge of others.

No matter where you seek help, if you ask – and allow – it will come. Ask! We’re here to help and uplift each other and be of service. If you’re looking for a teacher, your Soul will point you in the right direction; if you want to have meaningful conversations and receive guidance from within, use the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit to access the wisdom and insight of your Soul, your Higher Self!

Consulting Your Higher Self to Live in Love

Love is the key that unlocks all doors!

Let’s look at one form of guidance that might not seem like guidance at all: Love. It’s true, love is the answer! It is the most powerful creative force in the universe. It is the source of all life; it IS life, in its purest form! When we think of Love, we often think about romantic love. Relationships can be full of pain, resentment, jealousy and anger. Those are not the emotions of Love and they do not represent Love!

To invite more Love, repeat the following affirmations while you’re meditating:

  • “Love” – repeat the word, like a mantra, feeling it radiate outward from you to everyone and everything. At the same time, let it fill you with a warm light and a knowing that this is the way life should feel! This mantra is perfect whenever you are feeling hurt, afraid, rejected, alone or insignificant. Love really does overcome all of these feelings.

  • “Love attracts love” – the more Love you give, the more Love you get! It is a gift that keeps circulating from you and into you. Keep in mind, the same applies to any emotion you feel – hate, envy, anger, fear… so the more Love you give (in its many ways of expression) the more will come back to you!

  • “Love is the key that unlocks all doors” – no matter what you need and desire, Love will bring it to you. You can’t go wrong by spreading more Love! When you show Love to someone, it might be exactly the right person who will help you achieve a dream. When you Love what you do… what could be better? When you do your work with Love in your heart, you enrich the lives of others – you spread Love. When you love yourself, you embody Love you’ll become magnetically attractive to the right people.

Let Love unfold in you like a beautiful flower, as you meditate on these phrases!

When you meditate on Love, you realize that there are so many ways to express Love. Thoughts; words; gestures; help; even people who annoy you are giving you Love in the form of self-awareness of your reactions.

When you consult your Higher Self, you will learn that choosing to see any situation and relationship from the perspective of Love creates instant improvement. You learn to love everyone, even those who have hurt and disappointed you, people who rub you the wrong way, insult you, belittle you, disrespect you and hate you! If you send them Love, the way you see them will change, and you will feel better.

Most importantly, you learn to love yourself. No matter how you feel about yourself now, if you take the time and make the effort to go within and communicate with your Higher Self, you can change how you feel about yourself. You were not born in hate, you were born in Love. You may have made some choices in the past that have had terrible consequences, but don’t hate yourself for those choices! Hate, even if it is only directed at yourself, will attract more hate! As you begin to converse with your Higher Self, as well as the angels and guides that come your way, you will see that you are a Being of the Light; that you only acted what you knew at the time; and you can create a brighter, more loving future:

  • Be you. Express who you are (share your talents)!

  • Trust your inner guidance in any decisions, no matter how small or monumental.

  • Sitting with yourself uncovers the real YOU.

    Sitting with yourself uncovers the real YOU

    There is no chance, no coincidence.

  • Your relationships improve in the spirit of Love.

  • Wishes do come true. Everything is possible.

  • Growth doesn’t necessarily mean pain, but problems can be your best lessons!

  • Every moment is a new beginning, a new miracle.

  • What you give to others, is a gift you give to yourself.

  • Fear is a choice and not the way of Love (we are talking about emotional, manufactured fears such as fear of rejection – not instinctual fears meant to save your life).

  • Life is an act of creation; you are creating your life at every moment!

  • Listening with an open mind – understanding alternative points of view – will change your life!

  • Your only limitations are the ones you have put there.

  • Laughter and smiling are expressions of Love, and therefore powerful healing forces!

Sitting quietly with yourself is one of the most transformational, important things you can do. Seek spiritual guidance and be open to the ‘random’ book that jumps out at you; to the wisdom you receive from unexpected sources, including people who don’t look at all “wise” or even “worthy” of being teachers (some guides are the most unlikely)! And look within for the guidance that only your Highest Self can give you.

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