Are you in need of some spiritual guidance?

The truth is, we can all use some guidance. Life is too complex and full of surprises to go it alone. And how do you find your life’s purpose, if you’ve been struggling with that until now? You will benefit from a little help from within – that is, from your higher self.

Spiritual guidance from within yields great insights.I invite you to try something a little different to get help with life’s complexities and with your life’s path. Instead of looking for guidance from other people – instead of looking for the guru on the mountain, look within. This isn’t to discount the valuable lessons you can learn from other people! Not at all. There’s a wealth of insight and wisdom out there, and I encourage you to soak it up. But for your own personal path in life, you need to find your own truth.

Connecting to Your Higher Self

What is the higher self? It’s the “you” that is so much more than this physical body. It’s you the infinite, eternal, loving, intelligent consciousness. How do you connect to your higher self? By allowing that connection. When you allow the connection, you are filled with this amazing loving energy and light, and you are presented with guides and angels who are here to help you. We all have spiritual guides and angels. Guides are benevolent beings of the light whose purpose is to show us the way. If you are uncomfortable with the notion of angels because of their religious context, you can think of them as energetic beings. Angels are highly evolved nonphysical beings with an incredibly high energetic vibration. Just by asking them to come forward and help you raises your own vibration.

Spiritual guides and angels are beings of the lightSo why aren’t we all connected with our spiritual guides every day? Why do we blunder through life, trying to do everything ourselves and working ourselves to death trying to figure out why things don’t go the way we want?

Some of us are stubborn and we have an ingrained belief that if we want something done right, we have to do it ourselves. We may believe that hard work and sacrifice are the only ways to get what we want. We may hold a belief that we shouldn’t ask for the little things – that we should reserve asking for guidance and support only with the big issues. Some of us aren’t sure if guides or angels even exist – and so we close ourselves off from this incredible source of guidance, support and love.

If any of these beliefs sound familiar, I encourage you to release them. If you were to allow the creative intelligent consciousness (your higher self) to work through you by guiding you, your life will take a dramatic turn for the better.

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Just for fun, ask yourself what would happen if you were to allow this guidance? Even if you resist it on some level, what’s the harm in trying and truly allowing, right?

Feel the energy of something greater than your physical self.If you haven’t allowed yourself to receive inner guidance, give it a try. The result is going to be total empowerment. You’ll feel the energy of something greater than your physical self at work and if you take action on the guidance you receive, you’ll start seeing some amazing results very quickly.

You will see that the guidance you receive helps you make the best decisions and notice the opportunities that will move you toward your goals. You’ll be given wisdom and information to help you. The resources you need and the right people will start appearing… all to ensure your success.

Things will start happening FOR you, not TO you.

If you have been open to inner guidance but haven’t been successful in connecting with your guides or angels – or you haven’t received any messages, don’t give up. Truly allowing means being open to the weird and unexpected. Maybe guidance will come in the form of some circumstances in your life; or in messages received in dreams. If you’re expecting a certain type of communication, then maybe that’s what’s holding you back. Be open to any type of communication.

Your guides are here for you - but you must ask for helpAsk, and ye shall receive. You may not realize that your spiritual guides and/or angels are always on standby, but unless you ask for assistance, they will not interfere in your life. That is both the beauty and the curse of free will – if we decide we need and want help, and that it comes from our higher self – then it comes, freely and abundantly. But if we decide that logic, hard work, sacrifice and compromise are the only way to get through life and solve its problems, then we will not receive the guidance that is freely available to us.

Make it a daily practice to connect to your inner guidance for help with your everyday problems. It’s called ‘inspiration’ for a reason. Inspiration means, “the spirit within.” You will find that you have a whole support crew of guides or angels. They free you to explore things you may not have believed possible.

Be open to gifts and guidance from your spiritual guides.Spirit guides and angels don’t judge you, as a human spiritual guide can (even on an unconscious level). They don’t impose their will on you because the only will that matters in your life is your will. They are simply here to guide and serve you so that you can live a fulfilling, purposeful life.

If you allow spiritual guidance from within, your life can start changing for the better very quickly. And often in the most amazing, unexpected ways.

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