What is subjective reality and how is it different from objective reality? Objective reality refers to the reality outside your mind (in the physical world) – the objects and events that make up the “raw data.” Subjective reality refers to the reality inside your mind. It is the meaning you assign to things and events.

People see different things even if they are looking at the same object.All objects, dreams ideas and “truths” are different for each person. I’ve put “truths” in quotes because as you’ll see, “truth” is subjective! Essentially we all live in different worlds; we may have things in common with other people, but because of our background and our subjective interpretation of the world – our unique perspective – our world can be polar opposite from the person sitting next to us.


The Perception Game

Where you

Imagine yourself and thirty of your friends and neighbors standing in a row, each person an arm’s length from the next and facing in the same direction. In front of everyone is an object, say a huge marble rectangle – a modern sculpture rising thirty feet into the sky. Everybody sees the rectangle. But they see it from a different perspective. One person may see a monolith because they are facing the broad side of the rectangle; to them, the sculpture is imposing and intimidating. The person next to them sees the same monolith but it is exciting because he is a mountain climber.  Another, down the line, will see the corner between the broad side and the narrow side; to them, the sculpture may appear very interesting since the quality of light is different on each side of the sculpture. Another person sees only the narrow side of the rectangle and sees something absurdly tall, something that looks like it will topple easily. Tall people see the rectangle from a different angle than short people.

Subjective reality: beauty or danger?Each person is 100% correct in what they perceive. But they don’t necessarily understand the points of view of anyone else in the line of people because NO ONE CAN SEE PRECISELY WHAT OTHERS SEE.

Can you see how mind-blowing this is?

The gray area between objective and subjective realities occurs when you assign a meaning to something that exists in your mind – such labeling your house as “beautiful.” When you start talking to other people about it you bring your subjective reality into the realm of the objective.

If you believe something is beautiful, you will experience it as something beautiful. If someone believes your house is the ugliest thing ever built, their experience when seeing your home will not be pleasant. Each person’s experience depends on the meaning they assign to objective reality.

This is how misunderstandings and differences of opinion occur. You may think “this house is beautiful” while another believes it’s the ugliest. In each person’s reality, the house is perceived differently. Some people will agree with you. In their experience, the house is beautiful. Other people won’t care one way or the other – in their subjective world, your house isn’t important enough to label.

This is what’s meant by “beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” Beauty is a purely subjective concept.

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The question is – who is right and who is wrong? This is tricky. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong! The house just “is”; it’s the meaning that each individual assigns to that thing is what makes it beautiful or ugly – or somewhere in between.

This means that “I am right and everybody else is wrong” is fundamentally false.

“Everyone else is right and I am wrong” is false too. Each person’s subjective reality is their own truth. And people will defend their subjective opinions to the death!

Subjective reality: foolish or fun?If you want to raise your vibration – and I know you do – you must learn to think outside of your own subjective reality. Outside of your own box. That means being open and empathetic to ALL other “truths” no matter how different they may be from your own. This is not easy! Our “truths” are based on our past experiences, lessons and conditioning. Our background is unique and so our perception of reality is unique.

So how can you possibly wear the shoes of another and see the world from a different perspective?

Start with LOVE. Yes. It’s that simple. You may not ever completely understand the other person’s subjective reality but you will come to agree that to the other person, it’s the truth. When you radiate love and positive energy, you love the people around you. You love who they are. You love what they see.

Never try to tell someone their truth is wrong. YOU see their truth as wrong and they may see yours as ridiculous!

You can change your perception of reality. Nobody put that perception in your head. They may have influenced it but you created it. And you can choose to see things differently and agree that other points of view are just as valid as yours.

You know what this does?

It makes you OPEN-MINDED!

I know many of you believe you are open-minded but nobody is completely open-minded. We can’t help but see things through our own unique position in the universe. It takes a great deal of courage and willingness to see things differently. This is one of the great lessons of humanity.

Subjective reality: rickety bridge or opportunity?The more open-minded you can be – the more you realize the unity of all creation – the more you see that we are all facets of the same diamond. Your shiny little facet is inseparable from the diamond yet the view from your unique facet is different than from any other.

I encourage you to meditate on this. Your subjective reality is true – to you. Raise your vibration by loving alternatives. Challenge yourself to take one truth that is opposite yours and embracing it. Love its difference. Love the people for whom is is the truth. Understand it.

Imagine how BORING the world would be if everybody saw things just the way you do. Being facets of the same diamond we can’t help but be different… yet we are part of ONE.

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