Universal Consciousness is the unified field of energy that is everything.What is universal consciousness? It is the unified field of intelligent energy that is everything. That’s a simple explanation for an unfathomable concept. Consciousness is a knowing rather than knowledge, a feeling rather than measurable data.

Think about the nature consciousness: infinite and eternal. It can’t be understood intellectually because it can’t be measured. Infinity is a ‘quantity’ without beginning or end. Eternity is not “time going on forever” but existence outside of time, or the absence of time. Think about it intellectually and you’ll run around in circles. But ‘know’ it, feel it, and it makes perfect sense.

Universal Consciousness is intelligent, loving, all knowing, all powerful, creative and omnipresent across all dimensions of space and time. And so, it is also present in you – or more accurately, it IS you. There is no separation between your mind and the Universal Mind, or the Unified Field, God, Source, Creator, the One, Universal Consciousness or the many names that humans give to things we are trying to understand.

An infinite, eternal ocean of intelligent energy.Universal Consciousness is an infinite, eternal ocean of intelligent energy. Each one of us, each soul, each individual point of consciousness, is a drop in that ocean. Where one drop ends and another begins is impossible to determine because there IS no separation in the unified field of energy.

Go way back to the creation of the universe. The universe wasn’t constructed out of matter. It was created from nothing – literally, no-thing. Before anything existed as matter, it existed as thought energy.

The whole universe was created from consciousness – not solid matter. It is an expression of thought. This expression of thought includes individual points of consciousness, each with the freedom and will to express itself and some of these points of consciousness are having a physical experience here on Earth as humans! We have the capability to conceive, imagine and create. We are infinite, eternal beings!

Thought energy is the basis of creation.The nature of Universal Consciousness is your nature. You have the creative power in which everything is possible and you can create any form self-expression you desire.

Whatever you conceive, you can achieve! Whatever exists in your thought can manifest in the physical realm - IF you get out of your own way and allow it!

You already have everything you desire, in your thoughts. All you have to do is allow it to come into your physical experience. That involves desire (the seed of creation is the instant in which you conceive of something); belief in your creative power; and expectancy (expecting that what you created in your mind is on its way to your physical experience).

But it’s not easy to believe that each of us has this creative power, is it? Our logical thinking overrides our intuitive and creative side.

There is more to consciousness than life in the physical.But in the course of human history, we have come identify with our physical selves and we see ourselves as separate from Universal Consciousness. We see ourselves as solo players instead of integral parts of the universal symphony of life. But this sense of separation is all in our minds. It’s impossible to exist outside of everything!

There is far more to consciousness than life here in the physical realm. But many people believe ourselves to be physical entities rather than spiritual beings. A physical body looks and feels separate from everything, doesn’t it? And looking at life from this physical perspective reinforces separateness and self-identity.

There are three divisions of consciousness, each with a different level of perspective.
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  • The conscious mind functions in the physical realm – it is the “I” or “me”: a body and a personality. This is the narrowest point of perspective since it relies on the physical senses. If something can’t be perceived by the physical senses, it must not be real. It’s like seeing the world through a telescope – you see one thing at a time and miss the big picture.
  • The subconscious is the part of the mind used for manifesting – from no-thing (imagination and thought) into something. Many people view the conscious part of the mind as important and real and dismiss anything that comes from the subconscious. In reality, the subconscious realm is every bit as real as the conscious. Perception from the subconscious is broader than the conscious, but still somewhat rooted in the physical.
  • The superconscious is Universal Consciousness, also called the Universal Mind. The perspective from the Universal Consciousness is all-encompassing. You truly see the big picture.

It can be hard to perceive the infinite when you are living in the finite…

Baby applying the law of cause and effectOne way to begin to understand the universal consciousness is to understand the Universal Law of Cause and Effect and take full responsibility for every though, every word and every action. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” and “What goes around, comes around” are just two of many wise sayings about this unfailing universal law. Every thought, no matter how “secret,” is broadcast in universal consciousness and it affects the whole. A thought is like releasing one drop of food coloring into a bathtub of clear water. At first, there’s not much evidence of anything happening; but add more thoughts (more drops of food coloring) and the water in the tub will begin to change color. Our individual thoughts and actions do make an impression on the whole – even if you think you’re just a blip in the vast cosmos, you are infinite – you DO matter and you DO make a huge difference!

And this is how you, a point of consciousness, create your desired reality: by making the right choices. The slightest doubt about a course of action can be resolved by asking, “does this thought or action result in one-ness, or does it result in separation?” Feel the answer in your heart, before allowing that thought or taking action… feel unity with Universal Consciousness; let go of your identification with a single droplet. Then you’ll make the right decisions and create a wonderful life here on the physical plane!

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