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Nothing speaks for Love or Above better than success stories from our very own graduates

Can this be your story?

Nothing speaks for Love Or Above better than success stories from our very own students.

We have received hundreds of raving reviews and have indexed them in this section for you.

However, we cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using our product. What we do know, is that there is an ever increasing body of scientific research that validates the importance of the power or your inner energy. Furthermore, over the past 15 years over 10 000 people have been exposed to Christie’s Marie teachings and healing methods. We continue to receive thank you letters from customers on a daily basis so if you would like to dive into the world of personal development through the power of your inner energy, we are confident that you too will become one of our raving fans.

Disclaimer: In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the customer letters we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using our product. The generally expected performance of The Love Or Above Program in regards to any specific disease has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures.

“My Son’s Happiness Levels Have Gone From Okay To Totally Awesome!”

“My 19 year old son has been listening, and engaging in the meditations, as well – voluntarily without any coercion whatsoever! And I am so pleased with what I have observed. He’s always been a good kid, quick to laugh, adventurous, and easy going. And now, I have noticed that his happiness levels have gone from okay to totally awesome!
As a Dad, I am very grateful. I could rabbit on more, but, they would only be words, which can sometimes be so deficient in describing the true depth of my feelings. But that’s okay, because I know that you will “know” about the transformation exactly.
Of course, I have been noticing similar changes in myself, and have had some amazing insights from long ago and “aha” moments.”

~ Geoff

“Now I’m Living Over 600 Nearly All The Time”

“At this point I can only say that I feel so much better. To use the vibrations scale: before I was mainly between 100 and 200. What a sad life!
But now I’m living over 600 nearly all the time. How fast is that! Easy to see that I was really waiting for this one. Only a few days and it improved my life already so much.”

~ Marlene Kuhnel

“This Program Pulled It All Together For Me”

“After losing both my parents within 9 weeks of each other in the past three months I was in pain, emotional, physical and mental pain. Through the program of Love or Above I have been able to release a lot. And I’ve gotten pretty good at doing it. I am totally amazed how easily and quickly I can zap those cords and return the pain to it’s rightful owner.
I have also been able to change my husbands attitude and bring back to the caring gentle man I fell in love with 8 years ago.
This program pulled it all together for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Christie Marie.”

~ Catherine LH

“I Don’t Feel As Angry As I’ve Been”

“I am feeling a definite “shift”. More hopefulness and calm; less anger. My daughter said to me on the way to school today – “Mom, I haven’t been cutting lately, I don’t feel as angry as I’ve been.”
It all starts with me, doesn’t it? I am also getting messages galore online that support me with the exact same messages I am receiving.”

~ Lisa

“Met Ideal Mate And Even Better Than Hoped For”

“My goal was to remove blocks in my life that were stopping me to attain a great relationship, and the results have been beyond my dreams and expectations.
I wrote on a piece of paper exactly how I wanted my mate. A week later, I met through the internet a man who matches exactly the physical and spiritual description I wrote, and even better than I ever hoped for. It’s amazing…
I feel I am in control and can change everything I don’t like that comes my way. I will be forever thankful to Christie Marie.”

~ Michelle Guedj

“I Am Capable Now Of Clearing Negativity”

“I found a lot of wonderful meditations and visualizations in Love or Above that I am still using on a daily basis (Blessing balls of light are awesome!). I am capable now of clearing negativity from my spirit much easier and connecting to my angels and guides in a snap after listening to the CD series. Thank you!”

~ Stacey P.

“I Am Getting Better At Seeing My Gifts”

“My goal was to be able to raise my vibration, to be able to get in touch with my guides and angels and to feel a higher power. When I saw you for the first time I knew that I could learn so much from you, and I have. I am now able to get in touch with my guides and it is such a joy and so much fun. I am teaching my grandchildren as I go.
I am getting better at seeing my gifts and understanding the meaning of them. Bless You for sharing and teaching, you make it easy to understand, and we can help so many others by knowing how to raise our vibration.”

~ Carol K.

“It’s As Though I Am A Magnet For Attracting People And Raising Their Vibes!”

“This stuff really works, I no longer have negative thoughts, I have so much confidence, it’s as though I am a magnet for attracting people and raising their vibes.
I cant believe the amount of women that are approaching me, finding a soulmate is high on my list and really, opportunities are everywhere.
If I’m in the gym or walking out in the countryside or if I’m having a drink in a bar, women are coming up to me and talking, truly amazing.”

~ Mark

“Able To Get Back To My Happy Self”

“I am an intuitive energy healer myself, and we seem to be doing very similar work. I felt really stuck and couldn’t understand what was going but within a day or so of doing the program, I saw what was happening and was able to change it and get back to my happy self.
It’s been wonderful listening to your CDs. You put into words everything that I do but couldn’t quite explain, and have been able to make it accessible to everyone. I have my kids listen to you, as you clearly explain the process. It makes me happy and grateful!”

~ Maura

“Enormous Value to Anyone Committed to Enhance Their Quality of Life”

“Christie Sheldon is both an exceptionally gifted intuitive consultant and a deeply compassionate and loving spiritual teacher. Based on my personal experience of a number of individual consultations with Christie, I can say without reservation that her services would be of enormous value to anyone who is truly committed to enhancing the quality of their life, as well as the lives of every member of their family.
Over more than a decade I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with a number of individuals with clairvoyant and healing skills; none has impressed me more than Christie. As such, I strongly recommend her services.”

~ Jeff Maziarek
author of 'Spirituality Simplified' and 'Codi’s Journey',

“The Key to Opening New & Joyous Possibilities”

“My work with special needs children can be challenging. Thanks to Christie’s teachings, even the challenging times are filled with love and joy for me and for the families and children I work with. Working from “Love and above” is the key to opening new and joyous possibilities.”

~ Dawn Coons
Founder of Expanding Hearts Childcare and QED Practitioner,

“I’ve never before put the words meditation and fun in the same sentence. Until I found Christie Marie’s Love or Above seminar.”

“Dear Christie Marie, I want to thank you so much for your Love or Above course. =) I recently described your stuff to a friend this way: “I’ve never before put the words meditation and fun in the same sentence. Until I found Christie Marie’s Love or Above seminar.” My friend laughed and agreed that most people don’t put those two words together when thinking of meditation.
I’ve gone through all 6 of your CDs and worked through the workbook. And I love how you set up your bonus CD. It’s just perfect for me. I like the way that you plucked out the various exercises from your CDs and put them together in the Bonus CD.
Thanks to your light-hearted and fun exercises, I feel like getting in touch with my Infinitely Wise Self is actually doable. I love your explanations. They totally resonate with me. You don’t go into a lot of complex ritual. You just do it. You allow for individuality. You’re not rigid. You’re awesome! To me, your stuff if definitely going to resonate with the creative people of this world. I love that you keep it simple. I can’t find now but I am sure that you’ve said something like “if you can imagine it then you have created it” or something like that.”

~ Taura Athena Hatton

“Brought New Possibilities, Freedom & Better Well-Being”

“Christie’s insights, wisdom and gifts have been a constant life expanding process. It’s brought forth new possibilities, freedom and better physical, mental and emotional well-being for myself, my children and the many clients I have ‘referred’.”

~ Dr. Doug Lehrer
Author & Founder of askdrdougnow.com, 'Beauty & Beyond', 'Total Body Wellness', Seminars, 'Secrets of Self-Healing' books, and Dr Doug’s Total Body ‘Raw’ Food Supplements,

“100% Effective in the 2 Years We’ve Worked Together”

“Christie is a radiant Being and a miraculous healer that is able to transform any and all family situations, from spiritual downloads for me and my three girls ages 10 (twins) and 12, to curing the common cold, to helping a daughter heal faster from a broken arm. Her abilities work from anywhere on the globe to where we live.
She has been 100% effective in the two years we have worked together. I will buy any and all products that she creates. I am a truth seeker and a healer. She is the first person I have ever come across with her connections in the spiritual realm and abilities to heal anything physical, emotional and spiritual.
Thank you Christie for coming into my life as a teacher, equal, and friend. Because of our work together, today and each tomorrow is the happiest day of my life and my family’s.”

~ Brigitte D.
Mother of 3 girls, Truthseeker, & Healer,

“Christie provided me with her specialized tools and taught me how to use them myself, to empower me”

“It is extremely difficult to sum up into mere “words” what this unconditionally, amazing, loving woman, Christie Sheldon, has done for me and my child over the past several years that i have known her. Not only have there been times where she has actually saved my spiritual life and my son’s, but has also, out of pure Love, provided me with her specialized tools and taught me how to use them myself, to empower me! Wow, how many healers do you know that will do that?.
She has also taught me that WE ALL have the potential within ourselves to be healers. So now with those teachings, I can now use these tools on my son when needed, which by the way work amazingly well.
With Christie’s amazing healing abilities, she has helped bring me to a place in my life where i feel calm, at peace, and love who i am. This was a rough journey and Christie NEVER gave up on me…EVER!!!!”

~ Jill W
Mother of teenager, California,

“Christie definitely has helped me go to the next level in Love And Above”

“Thank you so much for the way you have helped me enjoy a quality of life that seemed impossible at first, when I found myself being a single Mom with a physical health crisis!
My journey of a search for a better quality of life for me and my baby, thankfully led a friend of mine to share your contact information with me… You are amazingly intuitive, very gifted at guiding people to become aware of and benefit from life’s flow in matters that otherwise might take years to discover, and you definitely have helped me go to the next level in “love and above” ;-)”

~ Birgit D.
Mother of Beatriz,

“A Million Stars”

“Thanks for the ability to see the blockages and to assist me in what I can do to help clear the energy. You are amazing and I am so glad we have connected today. A million stars to you if I could.”

~ Joanne

“The Only One With This Ability”

“Thank you so very much. The work is amazing and what we did the other night was manifested today exactly the way you thought it would if the other person was open to the energy and obviously they were.
You are the only one that has this ability. We have spoken many times over the last year and you have been able to help me in so many ways that I could never thank you enough for what you have brought to my life. Namaste.”

~ Joannie
New York,

“Clear & Accurate Guidance”

“Christie Marie is a very talented, gifted, professional counselor. She has an easy laugh when things are light and a compassionate voice when support is needed. I have spoken with her multiple times and her guidance has always been clear and accurate. Thanks, Christie!”

~ Luna

“Clear Vision For My Highest Potential”

“Thanks once again Christie for the healing, the very clear vision and work toward the highest potential! Always so grateful that I can call and connect with you and your work in this way.”

~ Cynthia B

“Removed All The Negativity, Blockages & Disbelief”

“I have to say I would like to thank Christie. She does have ability to remove all the negativities in you. I felt so much lighter emotionally after she removed the blockage and disbelief.”

~ G2S
online community,

“I Feel the Shift!”

“Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! I feel the shift as well. OMG… I am so excited about what is happening! Thank you Christie!”

~ Gina

“Thanks for the Healing & Regenerative Assistance”

“Thanks Christie for your professional and insightful help. Thank you also for your healing and regenerative assistance. I always feel better after speaking with you.”

~ Carla

“Cleared My Deep Issues—I Couldn’t Be Happier”

“Thanks so much. The energy work and clearing you have been doing has been incredible. The results I am seeing are just the way you said things would happen. As we continue to clear some of the deep issues I couldn’t be happier. Many blessings Christie for your amazing gift.”

~ Tina

“A Healing Energy”

“As always, you are a complete joy. Your energy is healing and I think I will sleep well tonight. I cannot thank you enough for your help and the light you send my way. I will update you in a couple of weeks. I am so glad my angels led me to you.
Thanks for helping me have the courage to tell him I love him. It was important to him and important for the relationship to move forward. May you have a good night.”

~ Kay

“Great Progress & My Vibration is Higher Too”

“I am seeing so much progress and have been giving “blessings” which has made my acceptance of things as easy as you said they would be. My vibration is higher too. You are amazing and I thank you for your availability.”

~ Sue

“Amazing, Mind-blowing Accuracy”

“Amazingly amazingly, mind blowing accuracy, Forget everybody else, Just call her. 1 billion ***** [stars]. She is the One people!! I’m glad I found her. I deleted all others from my favorites.”

~ Diana

“Sense of Self Empowerment is Unbelievable, Sense of Empowering Others is Phenomenal”

“I feel just amazing! I did the clearing on my dads universe and just feel super. I feel so absolutely clear, like Crystal CLEAR!!
Had a breakthrough at work with a staff colleague and we are going to start up a capitol staff health and fitness program to keep staff during the legislative session eating healthy, staying physically fit and creating support. Can’t explain it but it was like this epiphany in which we both were empowering ourselves to empower others to take back their healthy and joy and to say f*** off to all the sugar, alcohol and bingeing which decrease productivity, etc and make people miserable.
The sense of self empowerment is unbelievable and couple that with empowering others is phenomenal.”

~ Alison
Austin, Texas

“Invaluable Lessons & Gifts”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you done for me the last three months, and for my girlfriend. I know I don’t even feel like the same person, and regardless what happens between the two of us, I wouldn’t give anything for the experience and everything I’ve learned and all the gifts I’ve received.
I really don’t know how to express my gratitude for all you’ve done and given me. I know I’ve imposed a lot on your time, kept you out late, made you late to events, etc and you’ve never complained, so thank you. Don’t know what else to say. Talk to you “soon?”

~ L. L.
North Carolina,

“Huge Transformation in Just Days”

“Just want to check in with you after the reading with you from this week. Some new developments have occurred with me in the past two days, specifically relating to my power. I facilitated busting through on some big issues at the office and last night I broke my boards in karate almost like they were butter.
It was so easy and such a huge transformation from where I was only several days ago. I am moving forward with this new power and am choosing to push through whatever is in my path! Thank you for assisting me with this huge development!”

~ Alison

“A Lighthouse for All the People That Are Lost Like Me”

“Thank you so much for your time tonight! When I speak to you, I feel that you are truly concerned and are making an effort to help! I have a hard time trusting people and you give me hope that there is kindness and goodness left in the world! The light of your spirit is like a lighthouse for all the people that are lost like me.
May you continue to guide each person in to the safety of that loving light and continue to use the gifts that God has given you in such a positive way! I feel that of all the advisors I could have called, God knew you were the one that would bring me the most peace and the one to motivate me to live.
God knew that I need to feel that I could trust and believe again, because I had even pulled back from him. I can’t thank you enough! All I can do is ask God to Bless You and continue to work through you!”

~ Mary

“Pesky Issues, Unpaid Bills & Stinging Lethargy Completely Disappeared From My Life”

“Hey Christie! Its great! I was made a good offer last friday 45k with a 5k bonus if I really do great starting Jan 3. Plus I will be commuting and working inside the prison in Cleveland, Texas which is near Houston. Its sooo cool. It will be challenging but a good challenge I believe.
I will also be responsible for opening up the Austin reentry office setting up an environment so that the guys from the program can establish themselves in Austin. It kind of feels like the equivalent of finding my soul partner or life partner—but instead with a job. It’s just like you said all of the pesky issues in my life, unpaid bills etc are now like whatever, its like the stinging lethargy I was feeling about my life has disappeared.”

~ Alison

“Great Information”

“I haven’t spoken to you since mid June but we last spoke about me looking into a job offer that would relocate me to Denver from Phoenix. I did get the job, like you said, and moved here the beginning of August. I was a little worried at first but things are really starting to go very well.
You had said you heard that it is easier to manifest here. I believe that is very correct, I have a boyfriend now and it feels different in a good way. I try to watch when you are on but I have been working quite a bit. Thank you so much for the great information you gave me about Denver.”

~ Kim
Denver Co,

“Correct Every Single Time”

“You are so right on all the time! You said the other night,“You’re gonna hear from him tomorrow”, and I honestly didn’t think so and lo and behold he texted me late last night about 5 times! What he had to offer wasn’t good enough so I didn’t reply but he did try and communicate! Wow, you just have such a gift. Talk soon! Enjoy the looooong weekend! :)”

~ Amanda

“My Whole Life Has Entirely Turned Around”

“Thank you Chirstie so so much, I can not tell you how much I appreciate your help. My whole life has entirely turned around. I hit a rough patch and your help tonight was just want I so desperately needed.
I won’t bore you with the details… but just healing my self confidence, esteem and love life much less money has to be the most precious gift I ever was given. Your such a blessing to me… thank you so much.
Thank you Christie for all your help. Especially for helping me clear off any hopes of my old boyfriend returning. Boy was I ever stuck in stupid over that one.”

~ Tina

“Compassionate, Humorous & Understanding”

“Thank you for supporting and explaining my uncertain thoughts. I totally appreciate your compassion, sense of humor and understanding of difficult happenings. Thank you also for helping my comfort level with the variety of experiences I have had to deal with.”

~ Carla

“Empowered Me By Teaching Me How To Use The Specialized Tools”

“It is extremely difficult to sum up into mere “words” what this unconditionally, amazing, loving woman, Christie Sheldon, has done for me and my child over the past several years that I have known her. Not only have there been times where she has actually saved my spiritual life and my son’s, but has also, out of pure Love, provided me with her specialized tools and taught me how to use them myself, to empower me! Wow, how many healers do you know that will do that?
She has also taught me that WE ALL have the potential within ourselves to be healers. So now with those teachings, I can now use these tools on my son when needed, which by the way work amazingly well.
With Christie’s amazing healing abilities, she has helped bring me to a place in my life where I feel calm, at peace, and love who I am. This was a rough journey and Christie NEVER gave up on me… EVER!!!!
I will always be truly grateful for being blessed with the day that I met her, and for having the opportunity for her to work with my son. SHE is an Amazing Woman, an Amazing Healer, and when you meet her she is like a breath of fresh air, which is such a relief in this sometimes cloudy world that we live in.”

~ Jill W, Mother of Teenage Son
Ventura, California

“Healed Me & My Family”

“Have gotten so much healing through Christie Marie for me and my family these last few months, I can’t even begin to say here. She is a miracle and a blessing. TY.”

~ John D.

“Taught Me So Many Tools That Leave Me Feeling On Cloud 9!”

“I am soooo stunned at how much info Christie Marie gave me!! I learned soooo much and I’m feeling on top of this world! She is amazing! Not only was she completely accurate about the people I was calling about and my situation but she taught me sooo many tools that leaving me feeling on cloud 9!!!! She is superwoman!”

~ Kim

“Thanks For Healing My Sorrow”

“Christie, thank you for making me giggle… I feel love through that happiness… you are great. Thanks for healing my sorrow and for shining down on me! From one to another… xoxo”

~ Carla

“Thanks For The Light You Bring Into The World”

“I’m so grateful for your kindness, your humor, your grace and your compassion :) Thank you for helping me trust my gifts and for all of the light you bring into the world. huge hugs“

~ Luna

“Transforming All Areas Of My Life”

“Hello, Got home today and got an envelope in the mail which included a 514.00 from some oil royalty payments which are usually a quarter of this. This was totally out of the blue!! We called on a vortex last week to help with money and Bam here it is. I didn’t think about where it was going to come from which is interesting. I actually feel that this arose as a result of my call with you last week. Thank you!
Thank you so much. This is so great. This past weekend I created a 60 day transformation plan in which I called forth the transformation of my health, finances, karate, relationships book (done and published) and home, car and office in the next 60 days. I am living in it so there is no doing and instead of working on one area in my life I am asking for it all.”

~ Alison
Austin, Texas

“She Has The Gift”

“I discovered Christie, for myself, 8 years ago. I knew she was special and different at that instant. It was a kind of just knowing when you’re in the presence of someone special. She has the gift and I believe in her and her gift. Thanks Christie, I am beginning to feel better already!”

~ Leah

“Most Incredible Work”

“Most incredible work I have ever had. The clearing and insight into my situation is phenomenal. [You] have always been so very accurate and able to help me know how to handle the situations I encounter. Thanks a million. You truly are the best one.”

~ Helen